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DOLCE & GABBANA authentic singapore perfume @ 550 each

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WHAT ARE SINGAPORE ORIGINALS ? These perfumes were packaged from singapore, and 100% singapore originals.. not U.S. originals.. sealed in a box, and never been opened. SM malls, ever and isetann are also selling the same stuffs.. In malls, singapore originals are from 2,500-3k where U.S originals are for 4k-6k.. Sometimes, malls pretended that what they are selling are U.S. versions because you wont notice the difference. Be wise!!! Buy Singapore Originals and not the China versions Some of my Re-sellers are selling these perfume on their office and neighbors. hurry and earn at home!


We accept return/exchange if product is damaged.

D&g l'eau the one 75ml.jpg
D&g light blue (men) 100ml.jpg
D&g light blue (women) 100ml.jpg
D&g red 100ml.jpg
D&g rose d one 75ml.jpg
D&g the one for men 100ml.jpg
complete list of DOLCE & GABBANA perfume:

D&g light blue (men) 100ml

D&g light blue (women) 100ml

D&g red 100ml

D&g rose d one 75ml

D&g the one for men 100ml

D&g l'eau the one 75ml

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